CiberControl PRO 5.0

  • Categoría: Cybercafe
  • Licencia: Shareware
  • Tamaño: 6.68 KB
  • Sistema: w98 wME w2000 wXP
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An excellent and powerful cybercafe manager and administrator.

CiberControl is an excellent business manager and administrator for places like cybercafes.

The application is divided into two parts, the Cybercentre (the manager itself) and the Cyberport (which is installed in each machine and has counter functions).

Among the best features of CiberControl is the ability to block and unblock specific ports, configure distinct prices depending on the time of day, detailed invoicing, remote control for shutdown and restart of each machine, alarms, restrictions, time bonuses, ticket generation, TPV, etc.

But without doubt the most interesting feature is the prepay function, where a customer can only use the PC if they have paid in advance, and then it automatically blocks when time runs out.


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